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Patreon Items

(Closed Beta) 


Dutch Hare
Classy Octopus 
Spotted Squirrel 
Lab Mouse 
Rainbow Zebra 
Young Boar
Lucky Calico 
Wandering Raccoon


Pet Apparel 
Navy Pomander 
Navy Lily 
Pink Leaf Crown 
Silver Bow 
Purple Hood 
Dark Satchel 


HA Apparel 
Purple Star Vest 
Scops Owl 
Purple Magelight 
Cyborg Arm 
Biolight Mertail 
Long Purple Scarf 
Purple Tassel Skirt 


Pet Skins
Blessed Fox Skin
All Seeing Wolf Skin
Chimera Lioness Skin
Van Gogh Stag
Ground Boa Skin
Mechanical Horse
Electric Blue Eagle 
Woodland Wolf 

(Open Beta)


September 2016 
Toxic Bandana 
Skull Bandana 

October 2016 
Graveyard Snake Skin 


November 2016
Friendly Wolf Pup
Friendly Black Pup

December 2016
Falconry Hood 



January 2017
Albino Hedgehog 
Hedgehog Minipet 

February 2017 
Windswept Fox Skin


March 2017
Perky Bun Ears 
Floppy Bun Ears

April 2017
Cuddly Eel


May 2017 
White Lion Cub
Dark Lion Cub

June 2017 
Bunny Carrot


July 2017 
Jungle Noodle 
Royal Noodle

August 2017 
Cow Minipet


September 2017 
Cave Snail
Common Snail

October 2017 
Axolotl Minipet


November 2017
Wheat Stalk
South Coral Snake